Friday, March 4, 2011

Time Management

I have just purchased a book called: 
"Simplify your Time: Stop Running and Start Living!"
by Marcia Ramsland.  
Here are the 3 books she has written. 
I want all 3 of them!
 I haven't even finished reading her book, but have already put into practice some things that I've read.

Here is a tip Marcia gives:
Try and see what you can accomplish in 2 minutes!

Seriously!  So, I put on a pot of water to boil for supper.

...and decided to tackle my utensil holder.
There are a LOT of items that are never used in here.  It may not look bad to you, but it's overflowing!

After dumping everything out, here is what I saw:

All I can say is..."yuck"!  And, no...they're not bugs!  LOL!  Looked like Ramen Noodles to me.

Here is what I have kept, and now everything is handy and easy to get at.  Looks much nicer!

 And, all this before the water boiled!!
So, I decided to keep going and see what else I could accomplish in just a few minutes, or more than a few.

This small area is between our pantry and refrigerator. 

We moved our toaster to this was cluttering up another counter top (but I forgot to take pics of where it had been).  We put the peanut butter containers and cinnamon/sugar mixture in the cupboard above.  The small crock on top of the sugar container is where we keep the butter.

This is the counter where the toaster was kept...between the small crocks.  It always looked so cluttered (for 9 years!).  Oh, and did you see the crockpot?  Yep!  Supper is ready!  (I'm working on better menu planning)

This had been hanging above the sink...what in the world was I thinking?  I have no idea what I was going to do with these things.  So, I took them down.

I thought I had taken a 'before' pic of my island, but couldn't find it.  This is the first pic I took of it cleared off.  Then, I decided I didn't like it.


Anybody ready for SPRING!!
I changed switched out the candy to this green Longaberger crock.  Who doesn't like candy?  Just wish it was chocolate!  The toothpicks had been in a gingerbread votive candleholder.  It was time to change that!  And, I love this little pitcher!

My next areas to tackle this weekend are:

How do you think we eat at this table?  We don't.  And, that is something else I am working at changing!  Bad habits are hard to break. you see the countertop on the left side of the picture?  I knew I had taken a BEFORE picture!  At least you can get a glimpse of it.

Here is the area I had decluttered a few weeks ago.  It so easily becomes a "hot spot".  I just need to add this area to my daily routine.

So, the next time I feel that I don't have 'time' to clean/organize/declutter, I will remind myself: 
I can do ANYTHING in 2 minutes, or any small amount of time!    
  • Swish and swipe toilet
  • wipe down toilet, sink and bathroom countertop
  • put dishes in dishwasher
  • throw a load of wash in washer
  • change clothes from washer to dryer
  • make bed (this takes LESS than 2 minutes!)
  • spot wash the kitchen floor
  • fill ice cube trays
  • read my Bible
  • Pray
  • so many more things!
So, what can YOU accomplish in just a few minutes?  Feel free to share your pictures and ideas.

Organizing bit-by-bit,



  1. Great job Shari! You have a beautiful table and chairs...just think if you clear it off you will want to eat there :)
    I really like the way you put the napkins in the basket and the candy in the crock. I do things like that too.
    I keep my butter in the fridge but love it to be soft. I guess it doesn't go bad when you leave it out?!

  2. Great job!! I still have trouble with my desk cluttering up. Have yet to figure out how to keep it from doing that..

  3. Theresa--Yeah...I'll have to work on cleaning things off! LOL!! We have fallen into bad habits this winter...very lazy. Thanks for your compliments and comments...and I don't have a problem with our butter. Maybe because it doesn't last that long?!?

    Tonia--Wait until you seem MY desk/office! Terrible! No wonder I can't get creative in there! Let me know how your desk de-cluttering goes...

    Blessings to you ladies...

  4. Oh, yeah...sorry for the verrrryyyy small print. I tried a different size font and realized it doesn't work well. I'll have to stick with the normal size!