Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Management Guide

Quite a few years ago, I made an "Ellingson Home Guide", but didn't stay with it.  I found and discovered a better, more improved way of putting together a plan that will keep my home running more smoothly!  Thank you, Heather!

Here is the beginning of MY HMG, Home Management Guide.  Unfortunately, mine is quite 'blah', due to the fact that I have NO colored ink, and must wait until some more monies are available!  However, I am thinking of doing some 'creative' crafting and using some scrapbook paper, our family picture, etc.  Hmmm...maybe I'll have to add that later!

I am using a 1-1/2 inch 3-ring notebinder with a clear cover in the front AND on the spine. 

As Heather does, I am having my Prayer/Bible Study section next.  God should be first in EVERYTHING!! 

 Proverbs 3:5-6 is a very special verse to me, so I have added it to the bottom of this page.  Remember to watch for updated decor of the page.

In this section, I have also added a "Victory and Praise Reports!" page.  I have tried to keep track of the awesome blessings from God, but never in one collected place.  I will also be adding a "Prayer Request" page, too!

  This is the 'not-so-fun', yet 'must-have' section.  My Daily and Weekly Routines!  But...wait for it...not just mine...the kids', too!  Check my lists out...

My "Daily Tasks"...things I want to accomplish, or MUST accomplish to keep the house running smoothly and orderly.  (sorry about the flash glare)

My children's tasks are next!

This is the list I have put together for Jordan.  It is not a complete list, as I am just beginning to work on this guide.  I must say, though, that I see some things at work already!!  Yeah!

Here is Kayli's list.  I have forgotten a few things on her's, but again...I'm not done!  She really likes checking things off, so I know this will work for her. 

 This will be my Menu/Food planning section.  I won't be keeping my recipes in here, because I have another binder for that (I do have SOME things organized!!).  This section will be for making my plans, grocery shopping lists, and so on.

I'm not done, and will post more when I've completed more!  If you have any tips or ideas, please send them my way!  Thanks for reading!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


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