Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bedroom Makeover!

My hubby and I will celebrate 24 years of marriage on Monday, Feb. 14th!  Yes, we were married on Valentine's Day!  Traditionally, we go away for a couple of nights, but this year, we decided to re-do our bedroom!  Here is what it has looked like, more or less, for approx. 7 years:
Yes, that is a hutch in my...bedroom...thought it was a good idea at the time!  And a tennis ball?

 Notice the icky green walls?  So dark, and it's been like this for about 7 years!  Our bedroom is fairly large, with pretty good lighting.  However, this was a color that got very old, very fast!

Most of the re-do has been done on a next-to-nothing budget!  It's been fun to see what I could find to make our little 'love nest' just exactly what we wanted!  I began painting this past Saturday, and I just finished this afternoon (Monday)!

We moved the bed to the wall opposite of where it had been.

See our pretty kitty?  That's Romeo...he thinks he's King of the Bed!

We found this comforter set (which was like brand new!) at one of our local Thrift Stores!  It is hard to see the design in this picture, but we HEART it so much!  It came with the skirting, 2 plain (gold) pillow shams and 2 other coordinating pillow shams.  I'm not ready to put the pillow shams on, yet...waiting until we get NEW pillows!

We moved my bookcase to the wall just inside our door.  I don't like it there, but it's going to have to do for now.

I really HEART this saying! 

Don't you just LOVE this?

This is where the bed had been.  (pic taken from the doorway)  The dresser on the right is one my dad had that belonged to his aunt.

The dresser on the left is in baaaddd shape...I had great plans for it!  Right now, it's holding games that were in that green hutch!  Oh, yeah...notice it's not in our bedroom???

These are Fenton pieces that finally have a home!  I think they really show up nicely on this old dresser.

Two of these old books belonged to my mother, and the other 2 belonged to my hubby's grandfather.  The blue lamp will eventually get a make-over.

Here's the icky dresser...I don't know if I should paint it, refinish it, or what...let me know if you have an idea!  There are no hardware on it right now, so we have to leave the drawers open a bit!!! 

I bought this pillow for .50 at the Thrift store...yeah, it's one of my favorite stores.  I had an idea I saw on another blog...when I find it, I'll add it.

 I used the patterns on the blog (again...I'll post it when I find it) and dark brown felt.
I hot-glued them together, then to the pillow.  I added a vintage button to it and...I now have a beautiful throw pillow to add to our bed!  Here's the picture again of it on our bed:

I just have to show you my room again!

So, what do you think?  There are still other decor items I haven't added, because I'm lovin' the uncluttered look that I have created!  That's a look that I don't see often in my home!  I'll post more pics if I do anything else!

Thanks for checking our new 'love nest'...I can't wait to get the rest of the house looking this great!

Organizing bit-by-bit!



  1. Looks great, Shari! Good job :)

  2. I like it!! I just reorganized our bedroom.. It seems to be a catch-all if I am not careful!.. So is our dinning room that has the computer desk, book shelves and other things related to school and "projects"...
    Looks great!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Ladies! I love the way it turned out...it's so peaceful when I walk in. I know what you mean about it becoming a catch-all! Why is that? It's supposed to be our sanctuary, right??? Thanks for following me, both of you.

  4. Looks wonderful Shari!! I've worked on our bedroom a few times since you've seen it. I just made the comment to Danny, last night, I do believe, how I Love our bedroom, all except the ceiling which needs help for the roof has been leaking:( I try not to look up when I wake up but that's hard to do!! LOL Again, it's wonderful light & rosy looks like Love is in the air!! Happy Anniversary, Joel & Shari!!

  5. Shari this looks great! Love your blog!! I will help you makeover your dresser when it's warmer out!! And when you upgrade from Grandpa's old dresser you can always hand it down to me ;)

  6. Suzy, thanks! I'll take you up on helping me makeover the dresser! I've never done one like this before. And, yes...I'll remember you when I'm ready to do something different with Grandpa's old dresser! Hey, do you wanna become a 'follower', too???

  7. Love it Shari!!! I LOVE Thrift stores too! I love the pillow idea!!!!

  8. Love the bedroom makeover Shari! That comforter set was a great find! I can't wait to come up again some day and go thrifting. :)