Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's cleared off!!

Well, I didn't get it done this past weekend, but I made it my mission today!  Do you remember the embarrassing picture I shared showing my kitchen table?  Just in case you've forgotten (don't know how you could possibly forget!!), here it is:
Yep!  Pretty bad...and we couldn't even eat together as a family.  I still had Valentine's Day decor set out.  Very sad.  BUT...today is a new day!
See for yourself!
Isn't it pretty?  I really wanted something springy looking, but I seriously had nothing to put out!  So, after stopping at Kohl's, I found this pretty candle and cloth napkin.
Sooo pretty!  The pink bowl was an after-Valentine's Day sale.  And, of course, jelly beans are a must!  The little chick and bunny are salt & pepper shakers!

The candle is called "Mango Coconut Smoothie".  I spent a lot of time smelling candles and this is the one that came home with me!
Last fall, Courtney at Good Morning Girls, gave us a mission to light a candle every morning.  The candle is to remind us to pray for our family. 

So, there it is!  A clean, cleared off table for my family to be proud to sit at and eat together!  I'm proud of it, too...and it only took a few minutes.  Remember, I have been trying to see what I can get accomplished when I have only a few minutes!  Have YOU had any success with a few minutes???  I'd love to hear about it!

Organizing bit-by-bit!



  1. Love the new table look! And I need a spring candle. I still have my red apple wreath one out. I think I will wait until April 1st to decorate for Easter although my son keeps asking when I am going to put the winter stuff away :) So maybe I will do it sooner :)

  2. Way to go! Your table looks GREAT, and I LOVE the set up you have on it. I try to decorate for every season, looks like I need to start decorating for spring, I'm so behind. Lol.

  3. Thank you, Theresa and Cassie. I really tried to stay away from the 'Easter' look...I am just sooo ready for spring, that I wanted to do something different right NOW!! By the way, the candle has a nice, soft fragrance. Not too overpowering...Blessings...