Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gift Wrapping Re-organized!

For many years, I just haven't had the right arrangement for keeping wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, cards, etc. organized.  About 6-7 years ago, I found a Christmas wrapping paper storage container at Target.  Here it is, unorganized...

The other white storage unit on the left hangs from a clothing rod.  I was using the basket for extra items that I couldn't fit in either container. 

So...last night, I worked for about 15 minutes (thanks to flylady.net, I can do something for 15 minutes!) and had it all organized.  Here are the organized containers, minus the basket!

I designated this one for
Christmas wrapping
paper only!
Just a peek inside this one...
sorry it's so hard to see!

I'm finding that I can organize bit-by-bit!

And, I'm having fun doing it, too!
So...what are YOU working on?  Share with me, and send me pictures, too!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


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