Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Computer Desk Organization

So, I've decided to keep posting about my progress now that my busy time is slowing down.  The next project I'd like to share with you is a quick clean-up of our family computer desk area.

Sooo much clutter!  Yikes!  See the 'birthday cake' on top?  That is for a magic trick I have...and it does NOT belong by the computer!
Clear and de-cluttered!  I'm lovin' it!
Oh, what a tangled web we weave...I mean, cords.

So much better, yet not exactly what I'm looking for.  Any suggestions to keep computer cords untangled?  I'm open for suggestions!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


Summer's coming to an end...

I'm Back!

I have really missed blogging throughout the summer, but it's a break I had to take.  My summer is very busy with my ministry/business (I'm a ventriloquist!), so I will not be doing any posting during summers.

That being said, my busy time is over and I have had time...okay...I've TAKEN time to do a few projects!  Things I've wanted to work on, but hadn't had the time!

I'll start with Kayli's Homeschool Notebook:
Kayli and I did this together...a very nice mom/daughter project.  We started with an old 3-ring notebook no longer being used, but it is her favorite color!

  Then we gathered the other supplies...a glue stick and scrapbook paper...that's it!

A strip of paper to cover
the spine.
Here Kayli is...doing all the work!

Kayli wanted to add
paper to the inside
pockets...I think it's a
great idea!

Here is the finished project!  Simple, yet makes the notebook more 'exciting' for Kayli!  Quick and easy-peasy!

Like I said, I'm just getting back into blogging, so bear with me!  I've missed sharing my heart here, and I have to say, the house did get out of control a few times (okay...maybe a bit more than that!).  However, I am slowly 'perfecting' my techniques...and I'll keep plodding along.  Because, as we know, a Homemaker's work is never done!

Organizing bit-by-bit!