Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding Balance...

This morning, I was laying in bed trying to summon the courage to get up so I could begin my day...have you ever been there?  Laying in bed, I thought of all the things that needed to be done, and I just wanted to roll back over and cover my head with the blanket!  It seemed my mind never stopped thinking...
  • clear off the island in kitchen (wish I could go to an island!)
  • clear off kitchen table
  • sweep kitchen floor
  • clear off counter by phone
  • vacuum family room floor
  • begin washing clothing
  • work on programming for tomorrow night
  • work on programming for tomorrow afternoon
  • work on programming for tonight!
  • work on programming for Sunday morning at a church
  • return a phone call
  • make bed
  • pick up living room
  • have Kayli scoop kitty litter
  • what's for supper?
  • what's for breakfast?
  • and the list goes on...
This is what was going on in my head as I laid in bed.  One of my biggest struggles is...finding balance between my business and my home.  This is what I mean:  it's either all about my business/ministry or it's all about my home and family.  I have struggled for years with this.  How do I find balance in my chaotic times?  I've worked on routines (remember my wonderful Home Management Guide?)  Sticking to a routine if very hard for me...but, I think this is part of the answer.  I need to quit making excuses why I 'can't' find balance and work at bringing balance to my life. 

My business is starting to pick up for a while, meaning more planning time and practice time is needed.  In the past, my home became so terribly neglected.  I really believe we could have been on that "Hoarders" show.  How embarrassing!  

I cannot let all the work I've done in the past 2 months become 'un-done'.  It just cannot happen!  So...I'll ask again: how do I find balance in my chaotic times?  I know...get the family more involved...I have tried, but have been very unsuccessful.  I have never been a disciplined person...whatever comes our way, go with it.  "It's easier if I just do it".  "I've asked them 3 times, and they don't even 'remember'".   But, today, I am declaring WAR against the distractions of the enemy!  I will NOT be distracted from making, and sticking to, my routines...I will NOT be distracted from getting my family more involved!  I can and will find balance and have more peace in my spirit!

Proverbs 16:3 says, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed."  This is a promise from GOD and I know He keeps His promises!

So, today, amidst planning for tonights' program, cleaning up what has become 'un-done', working on routines for the whole family, and more...I commit all these plans to the Lord...and the WILL succeed...and I WILL finally...find balance!

Please share with me how YOU find balance in your life.  Do you work with routines?  A Home Management Guide type book?  What works for you?  I am a willing learner!  Thanks for reading this long post, but it's been on  my heart for months...

Organizing bit-by-bit,



  1. Good Morning.. I was just wondering if you have ever heard of the FLYLADY...
    It is a wonderful site that really helps me a LOT.... She helps you declutter, clean and oraganize your home and KEEP it that way..
    Just google flylady and it will come up...
    It is a daily check in site too..

  2. Hi Shari. I am feeling a bit that way today trying to get ready for my son's birthday party this weekend. I am doing a little at a time. I remember a saying "Just do the next thing". I think it is part of a poem from Elizabeth Elliot, but not sure. Would have to research that one :)

  3. A list to get the priorties right and it takes 21 days to form a habit good or bad.. So it will take you at least 21 days of being behind the kids every step of the way to get things done. Sounds exhausting and it can be but its is worth it when they start doing their chores as a habit with out being told. Mine get no computer time or anything leisurely till all chores are done which take less than 2 hours each morning inside and outside chores. Then they go on to school work if its a school day. When all the have tos are done then it can be the fun stuff...
    You can do it! I have always been a go with the flow type person but that has only made my life more stressful and over the years I have gotten it together for something that works for us.
    Keeping God in it and Keeping It Simple is what works the best for us..

  4. I too have done FlyLady. (I don't currently, but might just join back in!) She's great at getting you started on routines, but ultimately, it's you that has to do them. I am finding it hard right now to keep everything together, with the addition of the three kids to the house. But thankfully they are use to doing chores and haveing a chore chart, so I only have to remind them a couple of times to get chores done. Our job as Biblical women is to keep the home a peaceful place where our kids can learn about God and our husbands can relax. But peace in our homes HAS to start with peace in ourselves. The only way for us to find that peace IS through God. Then we just let it over flow and everything gets done!

  5. Thank you, ladies, for your comments. I really treasure them. I have heard of Flylady, but no longer subscribe to her emails. I know chore charts are what's going to keep things rolling here, and getting the kids involved. It's been too long in coming!

    Tonia, thank you for sharing what works for you and your computer, etc. This is something I actually did today! Yeah!

    You're right, Ginger...peace must begin with ME...that is something that I'm missing and why I have begun this journey on this blog. I have not had much peace lately...struggling with depression...something I struggle with off and on, and I may post on that some day. Again, thank you to all of you! Blessings...