Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer's coming to an end...

I'm Back!

I have really missed blogging throughout the summer, but it's a break I had to take.  My summer is very busy with my ministry/business (I'm a ventriloquist!), so I will not be doing any posting during summers.

That being said, my busy time is over and I have had time...okay...I've TAKEN time to do a few projects!  Things I've wanted to work on, but hadn't had the time!

I'll start with Kayli's Homeschool Notebook:
Kayli and I did this together...a very nice mom/daughter project.  We started with an old 3-ring notebook no longer being used, but it is her favorite color!

  Then we gathered the other supplies...a glue stick and scrapbook paper...that's it!

A strip of paper to cover
the spine.
Here Kayli is...doing all the work!

Kayli wanted to add
paper to the inside
pockets...I think it's a
great idea!

Here is the finished project!  Simple, yet makes the notebook more 'exciting' for Kayli!  Quick and easy-peasy!

Like I said, I'm just getting back into blogging, so bear with me!  I've missed sharing my heart here, and I have to say, the house did get out of control a few times (okay...maybe a bit more than that!).  However, I am slowly 'perfecting' my techniques...and I'll keep plodding along.  Because, as we know, a Homemaker's work is never done!

Organizing bit-by-bit!


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  1. great idea! I have pulled out my scrapbook supplies that never get used anymore and am using them with the boys in homeschool projects! new follower- prayed for your family this morning after reading your comment on Biblical Homemaking- I'm doing a #31days series with her :)