Friday, February 11, 2011

Living Room clean-up

Well, with all the crazy-ness that's going on in our house and with family, it seems that all my work de-cluttering and organzing is falling by the way-side.  So...I decided not to focus on the kitchen (dirty dishes piling up, etc.) and tackle the leftover mess from working in the Master Bedroom.

Most of the 'stuff' around this room is what came out of our bedroom as I was painting and de-cluttering it.  The biggest challenge is knowing what to do with it all! 

I went to work and this is how it all looked about an hour later:
This is also our 'music' room!  Jordan plays drums, piano, guitar(s), and harmonica.  Kayli is taking violin lessons.  Our home is filled with music throughout the day! 

This sectional is huge and has a hide-a-bed that gets used when we have a houseful of cousins overnight!

There you have it!  It's amazing what a person can get done in an hour!  Of course, there's a pile of 'thrift store' stuff you can't see, but that's going out soon!  Yeah!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


P.S.  Guess what!  I was ready to publish this post when I heard...wait for it...RUNNING WATER!!!  We really don't know how blessed we are until something is taken away from us!  Thank you, Jesus!


  1. So glad your water is back on. The living room looks great.

  2. My.. that didn't take long... So nice to be able to get it completed...Good for you...It all looks great...