Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Managing the peace and order!

One thing I often wonder when I read about other's organizing and de-cluttering are they doing in managing their peaceful and ordered homes?

So...I thought I'd write about how I'm managing MY peaceful and ordered spaces.  You were curious, weren't you?

I'm not going to show you any pictures, because there is nothing different to show!  Yes!  I, along with my family, have been able to maintain the order that I have been working so hard on!  I am finding that when I keep areas cleared out, my children (for the most part) are 'seeing' the change and helping out...mostly without being reminded!

This is what I'm doing to maintain and manage what I've already put in order:

1.  Swish and swipe Master Bathroom toilet (I have moved those wonderful LYSOL cleaning wipes to a cabinet next to the toilet...handy and quick to use)

2.  Quickly wipe down the bathroom countertop and sink (using those cleaning wipes)

3.  Look around the Master Bathroom to make sure I've put all my clothing away!  Yes, I like to throw them over the edge of the bathtub.

4.  Make the bed...right away after getting up!

5.  Put everything in it's place...easier to do it right away, rather than later.

6.  Continually remind the family to put their own dishes in the dishwasher. 

7.  Clothing gets put away as soon as they are washed and dried.

8.  Living room--I walk through it to get to my bedroom, so I take a quick look while passing through...everything must be in it's place!

9.  Family room--before going to bed, be sure blankets are folded, end tables cleared off, my 'area' picked up and in order...recliner foot rests are pushed in...yes, my family likes to leave them up!

10.  Make a 'to-do' list for the next day...before going to bed!

11.  Command Center--be sure to sort through papers ASAP, avoiding a huge pile!  Cut and file coupons and important papers!

These are just a few things I'm doing to be maintain order in my home.  Of course, I have more to work on, but I am on my way! 

Organizing bit-by-bit!


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  1. Job well done, Girlfriend!! I've tried to get my husband to pick up after himself but it hasn't worked yet!! I try but I'm just as bad. Hopefully we will improve bit by bit!! Keep on passing those wonderful tidbits to us all, just maybe we'll all catch on. Give us a bit by bit tidbit on how to stay motivated with it. Your doing so well, Shari, I'm so proud of you!!