Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Garland...Easy!

I finished another Valentine's Day project!  I found this on another blog   
made-by-rae.com and she's right...it is so easy! 

First, you pick the colors of felt (your basic craft felt), make a small heart pattern, trace and cut out the hearts.  I was able to get 16-18 hearts out of 1 piece of felt, depending on how I laid them out.

Then stitch them together!  Made-by-Rae suggested starting at the 'cup' part of the heart.  When reaching the point, have another one ready and continue until you're done! 
I made 2 different lengths so I could use them in 2 places. 
Here is where I used them:

Remember the picture frame I made?  I draped the garland over the top of the shelf below it.  I think it goes well with the picture.

This is the entertainment center in our Family Room.  My husband made it many years ago for his mother.  She couldn't use it anymore, so she gave it to us and I painted it black.  I think the garland looks great on it!  Oh, and the "Simplify" sign?  It is the passion I have for my home!  Bit-by-bit!

So, do you like it?  Let me know what you think and if you have any easy, fun decorating ideas you'd like to share!


  1. Hello... I found your blog and you are a busy girl.. Your heart garland is sweet..

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It's true, I am busy. God has really been speaking to me about putting my home in order...I have all the books, info I need...now I just have to DO it! By the way, did you receive my email a few days back? Blessings...Shari