Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Declaring WAR on Clutter!

Okay, so I've never linked up on another blog before, so if you've found this through, I do apologize for the 3 different link-ups!  I'm very new to blogging and couldn't remember my web address!  (I'm so embarrassed!)  I'm so sorry!  And, to make matters worse, I can't figure out how to delete my first 2 link-ups...

We are going through the book of James, reading a few verses each day for 12 weeks.  And writing the verses out! 

Here is what God is speaking to me about James 1:1-6:  My faith!  My doubting, my lack of wisdom...just ask, and He'll give it to me!  I am to have JOY during my trials!  Oh, boy...that's a hard one to follow through on!  Right now, I am in the midst of the trial of Clutter...but today, I have 'declared WAR on clutter'!! 

I'm also reading a book called "From Clutter to Clarity", by Nancy Twigg.  Through her book, I am realizing that my struggle is because of some internal problem.  I am trying to look at why I have clutter...not just physical clutter, but the emotional and spiritual clutter, too.  If you haven't read this book, yet, I would highly recommend it.  Awesome!  I may share more later...right now, I'm declaring WAR...on CLUTTER!!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


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