Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spice Cupboard is my spice cupboard...a little itty-bitty cupboard squeezed between a wall and the microwave above the stove.

Not very nice to look at, is it?  Not to mention, hard to find what I'm looking for!

Picture above:  all the spices, etc. that were on the lower shelf.  Now...time for sorting!

These are the spices I had to THROW AWAY!!  I found a few websites where I can figure out the expiration dates.  McCormick and Toner's are the same company and they have a great site!  Did you know that salt has an expiration date?  I learned alot while de-cluttering my spices!  But, again...what a waste of what God has given me!

Can you believe the picture below is my Spice Cupboard?

The top shelf always held our over-the-counter meds, thermometer and bandaids.  Many of those items had to be tossed, too...

Here's a tip I want to pass on:
Use a permanent black marker and write the month/year expiration date on the lid of each spice container.  This will help keep the spices fresh, because the exp. date will be more easily to find and read!

Let me know what you think!

Bringing order...Bit-by-bit,


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