Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special Dishes cupboard

Well, here is another project completed!  Yes!  I cringed every time I opened this cupboard...can you see why?
I just knew something was going to fall out when I opened the doors!  This is the cupboard that is between a wall and the refrigerator.  It started out being for my glass serving dishes...boy, do things sure change!  This took about 5-6 years!  LOL!

Well, I did it!  Here is what my cupboard now looks like:
All my special serving dishes are on the top shelf.  I know the paper towels are ugly, but they're protecting the dishes from each other.  I don't know what else to do. 

On the bottom shelf, I found a basket that I had around the house, and placed all my seasonal salt and pepper shakers in there.  The kids occassionally use straws, so they are in a plastic cup on the right side.  I like to use a small glass pitcher for pancake syrup and a couple of other misc. glass pitchers.

There you have it!  Yet another quick and easy organizing project completed...and it's done...bit-by-bit!


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