Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pantry Organization

Here is the first job that I did after deciding to begin my journey of organizing my home...bit-by-bit!  I was reluctant to post the following pictures, but it is something I must do!  My family was blessed in November with an abundance of groceries.  However, due to my dis-organized pantry, many of those food items were being stored in my...bedroom...romantic, huh?  LOL!  Here are some BEFORE pictures:

In the above picture, most of the groceries in the bag and surrounding floor area are there to be thrown!  What a waste of what God has given me...


A few things I did, was put my cereal containers on the lower shelf.  This made room for my box mixes, pastas, rice and such on the shelf right above.  I can now see them better, so nothing should get out-dated.  The shelf right above holds my canned goods.  I put the Ramen-Noodle packages in Rubbermaid containers I had lying around.  This helped to keep them organized and in order.  The same with baking chips.  The top shelf holds other baking ingredients, all labeled, along with the coffee maker (used only when we have company!).  My aprons are easily accessable on the back of the door, and my crockpot on the floor of the pantry.

Sorry for being so wordy...getting used to this blogging thing!



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