Saturday, January 22, 2011

Master Bedroom Closet

Over the Holidays, my Master bedroom closet got way out of control!  We have a really nice walk-in closet, but it got to where we couldn't in! are the 'before' pictures...
This is looking at the upper part of MY side!

This view is looking at my husband's 'side'.

See all the clutter on the floor?
Did I say a 'walk-in' closet?

Upper shelving above Joel's side...I'm not blaming HIM, of course!

So...I got at it!  Late Saturday night, I started pulling everything out that I could.  I was talking on the phone to a dear friend from out of town, so I only had one hand...but, I really accomplished a lot!

I finally finished my closet today!  Yeah!  I do wish I could do more matching organizating containers, but I am really doing this on a no-money budget.  Using only what I have around the house! are my 'after photos:

I moved hung Joel's clothing together with like items.  His jeans and heavier shirts are on the top shelf within his reach.  Joel has MS and lung cancer, so keeping things easier to get at is important.

Just had to put up another shot of this side of the closet!  LOL!

I am so happy with MY side of the closet!  You can't see it here, but there is actually an empty spot on the middle shelf!!  Yeah!  I cleared out 3 garbage bags of clothing...gave some to a friend and will take 2 to the thrift store!

 It's hard to take a picture in a small area, so you can't see my hanging clothing very well.  I did hang like-items together, similar to Joel's side.  Long sleeved, everyday shirts, vests, jean skirts, dress skirts, performing tops (I'm a ventriloquist), etc.

What did you think?  It feels so freeing to get rid of the clutter in that closet!

But...I'm not done showing you all the pictures! 
Remember that I told you this was a 'walk-in' closet?  Well, now we can WALK-IN our closet!  See for yourself!
See?  We can actually walk in, turn around and find what we're looking for!

That's it!  Thanks for looking!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


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