Monday, January 17, 2011

Putting MY HOUSE in ORDER!

I follow a couple of wonderful blogs...Courtney over at is so motivating and such a wonderful, Godly woman!  Also, where I have been blessed with new friends through the Word and prayers for each other.

Today is beginning a new challenge over at Women Living Well...

Isn't this exactly my heart's desire?  Feelings of frustration have been overcoming me, as I look throughout my home and see what is left to do.  However, I know I am going the work that I am to be doing, because this is what God is asking me to do.  HE will give me the strength.  There's just sooo much to do!  In my Good Morning Girls group, we have begun reading the book of James together.  Chapter 1, vs. 2 says, "...count it all joy when you fall into various trials."  So...I am trying to "count it all joy when" I look around my home and see what is left to be done!  Thank you, Jesus for my home!

Hubby, daughter and I are hooked on the show What motivation we receive after watching an episode!  My son is hating it!  LOL! 

But, for today, I am striving to work on my home, bit-by-bit, working today in my daughter's room.  I will post a before picture soon...just keep in mind it is NOT her fault for it looking this way!  She will be so embarrassed, because she has done very well keeping it clean.  However, when I worked in another area of the house, all the mess moved into her room...poor girl!  Also, working on revising my Home Management Guide, too.  My son is bucking it (surprise).

Organizing bit-by-bit,


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