Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Master Bathroom is done!

I've finally finished decluttering and cleaning our master bathroom!  It feels sooo good!  I didn't take any other 'before' pics of the bathroom, but here are a few 'after' pics.  I hope you enjoy them...
I haven't decided what colors I'm going
with in this bathroom.  This is one of the
three rooms that still need to be painted.  Therefore,
not many decorations around the room.

The stool is there for Joel...he has a hard
time standing for long periods of time.

I really love my Garden bathtub...which reminds me,
I should really schedule a 'me-and-my-tub' time!

So, there it is!  The rest of my bathroom.  It is very nice to walk in and see a clean space!  No clutter!

Organizing bit-by-bit,


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